There are ton of reasons why people rent in South Florida. Perhaps you are moving into town for a new career opportunity. Maybe you are in transition between selling your home and purchasing a new one. Sometimes, it’s a place to call home during your seasonal getaway.

Whatever your reason may be, The Ringon Group is here to help. While there are a couple different ways to go about securing a rental, here is an example of what to expect with a typical one-year lease:

• 1st Month / Last Month / Security Deposit is typically required.
• The ideal search window is 2 to 6 weeks from your move-in date.
• Why not earlier? Most landlords won’t afford to lose potential income.
• Why not later? Sometimes the approval process can be tedious.

• Credit & Background Checks are required.
• Most Landlords / Property Managers require proof of income, e.g. paystubs, employment letter.
• Application Fees can typically run between $75 to $150 per person.

• Have a pet? Your options may be cut in half.
• Landlords may require a Pet Fee, Deposit and/or Pet Rent.
• On Move-In Day, your Last Month & Deposit will need to be certified funds, e.g. Bank Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order